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Fast Frederick Facts

Map of Frederick CountyFormed from Prince George’s County in 1748, Frederick County originally included all of what are now Washington, Allegany, Garrett and Montgomery Counties, as well as part of Carroll County. Today, Frederick County is the largest county in land mass in Maryland.




And All Our Yesterdays
Includes a day-by-day account of important and little-known facts, illustrations and historic photos of the county. John W. Ashbury, 1997, 452 pp, $34.95, member price $31.45

Backcountry Dutch: German Heritage and Decorative Arts in Frederick County, Maryland, Exhibition Catalog
This publication features a listing and color photographs of artifacts in the exhibition and includes three articles that delve deeper into the county's German heritage: "German Ownership and Craftsmen: Glass Manufacturing in Frederick County, Maryland 1774-1812" by Lawrence Jessen; "'Cumbrous chimneys' to Penciled Brick: The Evolution of German Architecture in Frederick County, Maryland" by Paul Reed; and "An Introduction to the Eighteenth Century Ledger of Joseph Doll, Frederick County, Maryland" by Heidi Campbell-Shoaf. Historical Society of Frederick County, 2008, 62 pp, $9.95, member price $8.95

Bea Toms’ Recipes from a Country Cook
Catering chef Beatrice Toms shares cooking secrets she has collected and perfected over the last eighty years. Recipes of everything from appetizers to desserts, soups to shellfish made famous by Frederick County’s own "Country Cook" are included. 2002, 216 pp, $24.95, member price $22.45

Beautiful Braddock
Reprint of the 1907 “Sketch of Braddock Heights.” Braddock Heights Historical Society, 2006, $20.00, member price $18.00

Bill Lee RememberedBill Lee Remembers: A Chronicle of Twentieth Century Black Life in Frederick, Maryland
The author spent more than fifty years gathering and compiling a historic record of everyday black life in the city he called home for three quarters of a century. Included are many of the county’s notable African-Americans, lists of black schools and churches, historic photos, and more. William O. Lee, Jr., 2003, 112 pp, $14.95, member price $13.45

Braddock Heights: A Glance Backward
Anne B. Hooper, 2002 reprint of the 1974 edition, $20.00, member price $18.00

The history of Brunswick is displayed through nearly 200 historical photographs from the Brunswick History Commission in this “Images of America” series from Arcadia Publishing. 2007, 217 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

The Citizen: Historical and Industrial Edition September 30, 1904
This presentation provides a unique snapshot of Frederick County just following the turn of the century. Included are articles about the individuals, businesses, places and venets of the period, and the images that accompanied them. Jack Terry, 2002, 153 pp, $15.95, member price $14.35

Claire McCardell: Redefining Modernism
Color photos enhance this retrospective of the life and career of the internationally known designer and Frederick native. This handsome "coffee table" sized volume is a must for those interested in fashion or American cultural history. Kohle Yohannan & Nancy Nolf, 1998, hardcover, $19.95, member price $17.95

The Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht
From 1819 to 1878, Jacob Engelbrecht recorded Frederick County history in the pages of his hand-bound diary. He included topics ranging from national events, such as the Civil War, to those of local importance. He included the activities of his daily life as well as his thoughts about the issues of the day. The diarist also recorded marriages, births, deaths and other milestones of the community. Engelbrecht’s diary provides historians and genealogists a unique opportunity to discover Frederick County’s rich heritage. The hardcover, two-volume version is printed on acid free paper and features an improved presentational format. It also includes a comprehensive index, passages not available in previous publications and translations of German passages. William R. Quynn, and others, eds., 2 vols., hardcover, 2001 edition, 1292 pp, $100.00, member price $90.00

The Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht (CD-ROM)
A complete, searchable digital version of Engelbrecht’s important diary. 2001, $50.00, member price $45.00

The Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht Set
Both the two volume hardcover and CD-ROM versions. $125.00, member price $112.50

The Early History of Middletown, Maryland
This book originated from a series of historical articles about Middletown and Frederick County published in the mid-1970s and early 1980s in the Valley Register. Includes photographs. George C. Rhodericks, Jr., 1989, 404 pp, hardcover, $25.00, member price $22.50

1861 Diary of Susan Amelia (Barnes) Lindsay
Encounter Frederick County history through the diary of a young woman who experienced life’s joys and pains. The diary includes photographs and maps, and is painstakingly annotated with helpful genealogical information about those who appear in its pages. Peter Traskey & Nancy Pearre Lesure, 2003, 60 pp, $10.95, member price $9.85

The End of an Era
A history of the Frederick and Washington County trolley system. Harry L. Decker, 2000, 24 pp, $5.00, member price $4.50

Farmers that Helped Shape America: A Van Sickles Family History
This book chronicles the untamed wilderness that is today's Western Maryland and the participation of Isaac Van Sickles and his relatives in the Civil War. It also exoplores various historical developments such as westward expansion, the building of the National Road, and the B&O Railroad and C&O Canal and their impact on the region. Joseph Vincent Collins, 2007, 75 pp, $19.95, member price $17.95

Firefighting in Frederick
This volume from Arcadia’s "Images in America" series describes the vital role the fire service has played in defending the city for close to two centuries. Over 200 archival images, many rarely seen, are showcased. Clarence "Chip" Jewel & Warren W. Jenkins, 2004, 128 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

Firefighting in Frederick County
Hundreds of archival images are displayed in this "Images in America" publication. Clarence Jewel, 2005, 128 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

Frederick CountyFrederick County
From Arcadia Publishing’s “Postcard History” series. More than 200 historical postcards from the Historical Society’s collection are presented representing many of the communities in Frederick County. The Historical Society of Frederick County, 2006, 128 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

Frederick County
From Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America” series. Using over 200 images from the Historical Society’s own extensive collection, this book provides a unique opportunity to look back in time and view some of the people, places and events that shaped our county’s history. Included are images representing Frederick County at work and at play, its houses of worship and forms of recreation, individuals famous and fascinating, and more, from the introduction of photography to the mid-twentieth century. The Historical Society of Frederick County, 2005, 128 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

Frederick County RevisitedFrederick County Revisited
From Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America” series. Over 200 more historical images from the Historical Society’s own collection are presented with informative and interesting captions. Includes such chapters as “School Days,” “Old Time Religion,” “The Sporting Life,” and more. The Historical Society of Frederick County, 2007, 128 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

Frederick County—3 Volume Images SET
Frederick County and Frederick County Revisited from Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America” series together with Frederick County from its “Postcard History” series. See descriptions above. Reduced price good only with purchase of all three together. $50.00, member price $45.00

Frederick County German Heritage
An illustrated exploration highlighting some of the special aspects of the county from its beginnings to show how the early German influence can still be found today. Written for children, and adults, of all ages. Margaret Denton, 2007, 64 pp, $14.95, member price $13.45

Frederick County Trivia
700+ fun facts about the county, its people and history. A handy pocket-sized edition. Al Weinberg, 1998, 152 pp, $9.95, member price $8.95

Frederick: Local & National Crossroads
Part of Arcadia Publishing’s The Making of America Series, this book is a comprehensive narrative than spans the centuries of Frederick County history from native American culture to the growth of Frederick Town, to the paving of the Interstate and beyond. Nearly 100 historic photographs, many from the Historical Society’s own collection, illustrate this fascinating work. Chris Heidenrich, 2003, 160 pp, $24.99, member price $22.49

Frederick, Maryland in Peace and War 1856-1864: Diary of Catherine Susannah Thomas Markell
This diary affords a vivid picture of life in Frederick as the tide of Civil War swept over and around it, particularly during the battles of Antietam, Gettysburg, and Monocacy. Catherine Markell, a southern sympathizer, ministered to the wounded of both sides. Transcribed & annotated by David Wallace, 2006, 183 pp, $19.95, member price $17.95

Frederick’s Legacy: The Art of Helen Smith
Linger over the beautiful images of one of Frederick County’s most beloved artists’ works. Helen Smith Book & Studio Project, 1998, 80 pp, hardcover, $24.95, member price $22.45

Frederick’s Main Street: the Life and Times of Charles V. Main
Charles Main served as Chief of Police in Frederick for more than twenty years, and that is only part of the story. Based on a series of interviews, this book covers the entire life of Chief Main, which has spanned almost a century. It also chronicles that century and the changes in our community, country and our lives. Written by Gwen McEntire & edited by Holly Smith, 2002, 112 pp, $14.95, member price $13.45

Frederick's Other CityFrederick’s Other City: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Written for the cemetery’s 150th anniversary, Frederick’s Other City tells the story of the beginning and the founders of the cemetery through interesting excerpts from the board minutes from 1852, as well as interesting facts and stories dealing with everything from grave digging to burying Civil War dead. The book also includes the various memorials at the cemetery; information on soldiers, patriots and veterans buried there; lists of those in special assigned lots; biographies of a number of the famous and notable individuals buried there; historical structures; and much more. C. Larry Bishop, 2002, 182 pp, $16.95, member price $15.25

Gazetteer of Old, Odd, and Obscure Place Names of Frederick County
This exhaustive collection includes entries that contain such information as place name, description including location, teh source of the name, and historical facts. Louis B. O'Donoghue, 2008, $18.95, members price $17.05

Ghosts and Legends of Frederick County
Timothy L. Cannon & Nancy F. Whitmore,
1997, 73 pp, $5.95, member price $5.35

Growing Up in Frederick in the Early Years of the 20th Century: Recollections of an Octogenarian
William M. Brish, 1994, 146 pp, $5.00, member price $4.50

History of Frederick County, Maryland
This seminal work was first published in 1910. The history of Braddock’s campaign, local events of the Revolution, the National Road, early railroading in Frederick, the effect of the Civil War locally, as well as many other facets of the county’s history are included. Over 1,000 biographies (including genealogical information) are presented as well. T.J.C. Williams & Folger McKinsey, 2008 reprint, 2 volumes, softcover, 1724 pp, $140.00, member price $126.00

The Jews Beneath the Clustered Spires
Historic Frederick and the Jews who lived and worked there. Paul & Rita Gordon, 1971, 240 pp, hardcover, $17.50, member price $15.75

Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney: Slavery, Secession, and the President’s War Powers
James F. Simon, 2006, 324 pp, hardcover, $27.00, member price $24.30

The Life of Thomas Johnson
An exhaustive biography of Maryland’s first elected Governor and his role in shaping the events of American history. Edward S. Delaplaine, 2001 (reprint of the 1927 edition), 517 pp, $35.00, member price $31.50

Listening to Deafness: An Old Song Sung Differently
A personal biography of the author, superintendent of the Maryland Schools for the Deaf in Frederick for 25 years, and an exploration of deaf education. David M. Denton, 2004, 183 pp, $19.95, member price $17.95

Maryland's Appalachian Highlands: Massacres, Moonshine & MountaineeringMaryland's Appalachian Highlands: Massacres, Moonshine & Mountaineering
A history of the mountains of Western Maryland, from the rocky relations of Native Americans and early settlers and the Battle of South Mountain to the faded elegance of Gilded Age resorts and the coming of the B&O Railroad. With a dry sense of humor, the author regales readers with tales of ghosts, presidential retreats, and hikers while celebrating the beauty and charm of the area. Tim Rowland, 2009, 126 pp, $19.99, member price $17.99

Memories of Katherine Elizabeth Shaw: A Collection of Her Essays & Poems
The poignant remembrances of Katherine Shaw, who was esteemed by many. A "tribute to her immense capacity for love for the world and the people in it, her sense of the appropriate and her adaptability." Ann Lebherz, 2001, 162 pp, $5.00, member price $4.50

Mid-Maryland: A Crossroad of History
A collection of compelling and insightful essays on the area’s rich history. Michael A. Powell & Bruce A. Thompson, eds., 2005, 191 pp, $21.99, member price $19.79

Mid-Maryland History: Conflict, Growth and Change
A wide-ranging collection of essays that paint an intriguing, informative, and provocative portrait of mid-Maryland's history. A companion book to Mid-Maryland: A Crossroad of History. Barbara Powell & Michael Powell, eds., 2008, 223 pp, $21.99, member price $19.79

Mile Markers of the Baltimore & Frederick Town Turnpike Road: A Finder’s Guide
This small guide, published in time for the bicentennial of the founding of the Baltimore and Frederick Turnpike Road Company, features historical background and includes photographs of all the extant mile markers. Jerry Harlowe, 2004, $9.95, member price $8.95

Mirror on Frederick: Through 250 Years
A series of historical sketches exploring various aspects of Frederick County through the years. Frances A. Randall, 1998, 169 pp, $15.00, member price $13.50

More Reflections on the History of Frederick County
wonderful companion to the author’s Mirror on Frederick. Frances A. Randall, 2006, 232 pp, $15.00, member price $13.50

The Mt. Airy and B&O Story
A lively exploration of the railroad’s effect on the birth of this town, that first appeared as a nine-part series in The Shopper, in 1987 and 1988. Herman "B" Beck, 40 pp, $7.65, member price $6.88

On Africa’s Shore: A History of Maryland in Liberia 1834-1857
A history of the colony created by the State’s Colonization Society and black emigrees, slave and free, from Maryland is explored in detail. Included is annotated list of settlers, some of whom were from Frederick County. Richard L. Hall, 2003, hardcover, 644 pp, $45.00, member price $40.50

Paradoxes of Fame: The Francis Scott Key Story
The life of the author of our national anthem. Sam Meyer, 1995, 102 pp, hardcover, $10.00, member price $9.00

Pictorial History of Frederick, Maryland 1745-1995
Back in print! This newly revised edition features even more historic photographs and updated infromation. Many of the photos are from teh Historical Society's own collection. Timothy Gannon, Nancy Whitmore, and Tom Gorsline, 2008 revised edition
SOFTCOVER: $39.95, member price $35.95
HARDCOVER: $49.95, member price $44.95

Pre-1800 Houses of Frederick County Volume I, Ballenger to Frederick
Ann Lebherz & Mary Margrabe, 1998, $19.95, member price $17.95

Pre-1800 Houses of Frederick County Volume II, Hauvers to Middletown
Ann Lebherz & Mary Margrabe, 2000, $19.95, member price $17.95

Pre-1800 Houses of Frederick County Volume III, Mount Pleasant to Woodville
The final volume in the series features images and historical context for over 175 historic properties in nine election districts including Mount Pleasant, New Market, Petersville, Thurmont, Tuscarora, Urbana, Walkersville, Woodsboro and Woodville. Also included are brief histories of communities located in the districts and descriptions of notable historic landmarks. This volume (unlike the previous two) features color photographic images of most houses and related sites. Ann Lebherz, Mary Margrabe & Sarah Drenning, 2002, $39.95, member price $35.95
Pre-1800 Houses of Frederick County SET: Volumes I, II & III—The complete series.
$72.00, member price $64.80

The Railroad Came—and and a Special Community Grew in Brunswick, Md.
A glimpse at Brunswick from 1891 to 1910 when teh railroad was established there. Peter Maynard, 2008, 338 pp, $17.95, member price $16.15

Remembering…Barbara Fritchie, 1766-1862: Facts—not Fiction
Frances A. Randall, 2007, $5.00, member price $4.50

Remembering…Stephen Steiner, 1767-1829: Architect-Builder-Citizen
Frances A. Randall, 2007, $5.00, member price $4.50

Selected Advertisements from the Political Examiner, 1831-1835
Scans of estate auctions, business and political ads, runaway notices and more. Gil House, 2001, 30 pp, $7.95, member price $7.15

Selected Business Advertisements from Newspapers of Frederick, Maryland
Abstracted from early nineteenth century newspapers. Gil House, 2003, 72 pp, $11.00, member price $9.90

"Shelter from the Storm:" Frederick, Maryland, A Place of Refuge in the Seven Years' War
The author tells the story of how Palatine settlers in Frederick provided places of refuge for fellow settlers during the French and Indian "scorched earth" campaign of 1756 and 1757. It also shows how the Brunner family built Schifferstadt to provide defense and carry on their heritage. Robert Kozak, 2008, 94 pp, $17.00, member price $15.30

Snallygaster: The Lost Legend of Frederick County
A fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable history of this local legend. Peter Boyton, 2008, 72 pp, $12.95, member price $11.65

So We Move Along"So We Move Along…" The Diaries of Lewis and Jacob L. Engelbrecht, 1882-1896
This long-anticipated "sequel" to The Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht was continued by relatives after his death, continuing his recordation of politics, community events, and other interesting facts of local history. Transcribed and edited by James Boston, 2006, 353 pp, $24.95, member price $22.45

Sugarloaf: The Mountain’s History, Geology, and Natural Lore
A fascinating blend of local, natural and historical detail about this National Natural Landmark. Included is how and when to best enjoy a visit to the trails, wildflowers and seasonal variations of the land. Melanie Choukas-Bradley with illustrations by Tina Thieme Brown, 2003, $11.95, member price $10.75

Susquehanna Squire: The Story of William Lloyd
A studied reconstruction of a colorful and unusual life and of others it touched. H.L. Defour Woolfley, 2005, 172 pp, $28.00, member price $25.20

The Union Manufacturing Company: The History of the Union Manufacturing Company, 1887-1957
Joseph Ford, Lynn Wells & Melissa Conroy, 1997, 80 pp, $17.00, member price $15.30

This Green Oasis: A History of Baker Park, 1928-2003
Beautiful archival and present-day photos enhance this coffee-table book presenting the history of this treasured city park. The history of the park is traced from idea, through the lives of Joseph Dill Baker and Lloyd C. Culler, to the present day. Richard Lebherz, 2003, hardcover, $38.00, member price $34.20

The Water-powered Flour and Grist Mills of the Brunswick Region
The histories of over a dozen eighteenth and nineteenth century mills near Brunswick are discussed. A number of photos are included. Peter Maynard, 2003, 35 pp, $5.00, member price $4.50

1873 Titus Atlas of Frederick County, Maryland
Used extensively by genealogists and Frederick history enthusiasts, it is truly a fascinating local history resource. Reprinted by Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, 2000, $20.00, member price $18.00

The Valley Register of Middletown, Maryland 1861-1862
This collection is the first in a series of Civil War-era Frederick County newspaper transcriptions. L. Tilden Moore, ed., 2008, 287 pp, $24.99, member price $22.49

Windows on Frederick
This fascinating work covers personalities from Barbara Fritchie to Senator Charles Mathias, as well as historic places and businesses in Frederick County, many no longer in existence. Richard Lebherz, 2001, pp, $24.95, member price $22.45

Your Life. Your Community. Presented by Your Paper, The Frederick News-Post, Volume I
A look at Frederick County through photographs from the newspaper and private collections from the mid-1800s through 1949. 2006, 208 pp, hardcover, $39.95, member price $35.95

Your Life. Your Community. Presented by Your Paper, The Frederick News-Post, Volume II
A look at Frederick County through photographs from the newspaper and private collections from 1949 through 1965. 2007, 208 pp, hardcover, $41.95, member price $37.75

Your Life. Your Community. Presented by Your Paper, The Frederick News-Post, Volume III
A look at Frederick County through photographs from the newspaper and private collections from the late 1800s to 1981. 2008, 208 pp, hardcover, $43.95, member price $39.56

Your Life. Your Community. Presented by Your Paper, The Frederick News-Post, SET-Vols. I, II & III
A look at Frederick County through photographs from the newspaper and private collections from the mid-1800s to 1981.
Save 20% when you purchase the whole set!
ONLINE SPECIAL! Set just $100.00, member price $90.00


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